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Organize and RESIST!


A: R E S I S T and F I G H T attacks upon the denial of global warming!

Since the Trump Administration has the support of the Republican Congress, it is certain that all efforts to slow climate change will be thwarted at the national level and, in fact, warming gas emissions will increase because of the Administration's obvious bias completely in favor of the fossil fuel industry profits. Although the U.S. is bound for 4 years by the Paris Climate Agreement, the President could simply ignore the agreement since the reduction commitments are purely voluntary. The executive has the authority to roll back or rescind (e.g. approval of the Keystone XL pipeline) executive environmental rules. However, roll backs will require the same lengthy steps that were required when the rules were created. On the other hand, the new Trump Administration Cabinet members and Agency Directors/Commissioners and further hires and firings will likely result in sharply reduced enforcement or non-enforcement of many rules and regulations. In the longer run, reduced funding for regulatory agencies will reduce the effectiveness of enforcement to protect the public safety even further. Donations or other kinds of support for the National Resource Defense Council (NRDC) and the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) will help slow or deter some reductions.


Trump nominees dodge 'climate denier' charge

By Timothy Cama, The Hill, January 22, 2017

“The media is so easy to fall for misdirections on this issue, and the Trump nominees have mastered that this week,” he said. “You sort of just laugh at how gullible the media is.”



Media normalizes climate science denial of Trump nominee for Interior Secretary

Now you’re a hero if you don’t imply that the world’s top scientists and governments are conspiring to deceive everyone

By Joe Romm, ThinkProgress, January 18, 2017



This does not change our ability to continue to educate in schools and all community institutions about:

  • the reality/settled science of global warming (accepted by a large majority of Americans)
  • the imminent danger of RUNAWAY GLOBAL WARMING that human efforts can no longer abate

Resources for global warming education are now widely available – some of the best are available through the Union of Concerned Scientists. Also, local higher education faculty may be available to provide their expertise – in particular, I have been doing global warming community education for 20 years. Other global warming educators in a particular geographic area may be found through the Union of Concerned Scientists or the Climate Reality Project.

In a related educational vein, in the Trump Administration’s attempt to censor all global warming science and to reduce the effectiveness of all regulatory agencies, especially the EPA in the case of global warming, the public will be exposed to much greater risks. It is very pertinent that the public be made aware of the losses of regulatory protection, e.g. effective enforcement of the Clean Water and Clean Air Acts.

I will be widely available to speak (or organize meetings, conferences etc.) on the profound, harmful impacts of “de-regulation”.

Also very mportant, we must actively, frequently, strongly pressure the local and regional media to end their “SILENCE” on global warming and put all the news about global warming and its impacts EXPLICITLY in the context of global warming.

The global warming deniers (powerful or not) have, up until now, been more organized and “vocal” and have exerted pressure upon the media that resulted in a MISINFORMED PUBLIC on the reality, causation and harm of global warming. It is a unique, unadvantageous,, and dangerous situation for a rich nation to have such a misinformed public!

Exactly what can we do? Resist and fight back. Visit, call, email, write letters etc. to our local media to give them support or withdraw support for them (and their advertisers). We need the media to be our ally against the attacks by the Trump Administration and Republican Congress upon the reality of global warming. Factual and complete, contextualized reporting is the is role of the media and is essential to an accurately informed electorate. 


B: R E S I S T and F I G H T attacks upon fundamental American values and rights!           

We MUST fight:

  • for the fundamental American value of inclusiveness and respect for the humanity of ALL members of society and, as well, the fundamental American values included the Constitutionally protected rights of individuals and specific groups
  • for the fundamental American value of democratic government (that promotes the well-being of ALL citizens first-and-foremost).
  • against changing existing legislative law or new legislation that harms the well-being of the 99+%

» Although there may be legal redress for some discriminatory or demeaning behavior, via action by the Federal agencies, e.g. Justice Department, Equal Opportunity Employment Commission (EEOC) etc., the behavior exemplified by the President in the primaries and in his continuing remarks make it very unlikely that Federal enforcement actions will be aggressively pursued to protect citizens from bigotry and hate crimes. (The Republican controlled Federal government may, in effect, fail to give priority to Constitutional and other legal protections against discriminatory treatment and/or policies.)

Therefore, UNITED action at the local level is our best hope and can be very effective, especially in States and communities, e.g. sanctuary cities, localities that have passed anti-bigotry resolutions, that have taken explicit protective positions to resist such intolerant and non-normative behavior. Coalitions across communities must be organized and should agree to support ACTIONS that discourage discriminatory or demeaning behavior – ranging from encouraging (and supporting) individual or group bystander verbal responses to organized BOYCOTTS of for-profits that practice, encourage, or tolerate such behavior. Boycotts against small local businesses can be extremely effective. Boycotts against larger businesses require larger scale participation/education to be effective.

» The First Amendment Right to Freedom of Speech is already under attack. President Trump's, as well as the general Republican party’s, resistance to providing thorough media coverage (to keep the citizenry well informed), is consistent with demagogic leadership, in the President's case, and with power exercised on behalf of the wealthy elite in the case of the Republican Party. Investigative reporting has now become much more important! Accountability rests upon sufficient, truthful transparency. Far more ominous, is the President's implicit threats of reprisals and, generally, his bullying behavior towards all critics. In the same vein, the House of Representatives has already passed bills to discourage public coverage of House sessions, expanded the authority to legally depose individuals (warranted or not), e.g. journalists or critics in general (Planned Parenthood, Union of Concerned Scientists, Office of Government Ethics!).

Trump - Authoritarian Rule

Donald Trump Is Becoming an Authoritarian Leader Before Our Very Eyes

by Jeet Heer, New Republic, January 23, 2017

Supporting media that will not normalize demeaning behavior, lies, and policies that harm the other 99+% is essential to prevent the descent of American democracy towards a variant of Fascism. Publication of Russian style “kompromat” or, put simply, unverified claims against individuals or groups - causes uncertainty about the veracity of published information and, moreover, potentially provides the basis for reprisals against those who criticize current policies etc. - that is, chilling speech - the central First Amendment protection in a Democracy. An informed, actively engaged citizenry is the last bulwark against authoritarian concentration of power even in a long standing democracy. Calling the media (local newspapers, television stations and radio stations) - writing letters, making your views known in person are actions that we all can take. Specific advertisers can be boycotted effectively, especially if they are local for-profits.

Since the independence of an objective media is singularly important in defending against the concentration of AUTHORITARIAN power and the triumph of a regime THAT CONTROLS THROUGH ITS LIES THAT HAVE BECOME NORMALIZED, i.e. PROPAGANDA, I am actively writing and speaking on this issue and how we can resist!

» The likelihood of positively influencing members of Congress varies by State, HR District, and specific issues. However, given the monolithic discipline maintained in the 114th Congress' House of Representatives and the extraordinarily great ideological divide between between Trump & The Republican Party and the majority that voted for Hillary, swaying votes will be minimal in general. However, here are some guides showing how to try to exert public pressure:

  • Indivisible Guide

    - in this source, note organizing structured activist groups that meet regularly and town hall meeting can be important even if elected representatives choose not to be present