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This Twitter feed will focus on:

Adaptation Planning, Implementation, and Resilience to Global Warming


Please join me in this conversation - both on Twitter and with your local communities and government representatives at every level. Be active!


Global Warming Adaptation Planning & Implementation

Due to the decades long resistance by the Republican Party, community planning and implementation in a warming world has received little attention and support for the warming related harms of this new future.

Here, I offer some planning sources.


Since communities in the U.S. have been left without Federal guidance or support for adaptation planning, I have become actively engaged in helping communities go through the essential steps of global warming adaptation planning.

Any investment in infrastructure improvement is likely to be a waste of tax payer money - if the planning does not take into account a continuously warming world and the increase in negative impacts most likely in particular geographic/climatic regions.

Tidal Flooding and Sea Level Rise: The Growing Impacts of Global Warming

(Union of Concerned Scientists)